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Odishadesire.com is website its information about Odisha its source dedicated area on the page of display information on the website. this a display various place, culture, sports, forest, river, famous community

we display current politics news current event in Odisha about education culture like rath yatra and about how is best for Odisha people government policy how is not good govt policy we describe and the best movie released and Odisha rivers display Odisha road and wildlife sanctuary most tourist places India. it is not about Odisha rather it is about information of hole India Indian culture new realized Bollywood movie and other movies most tourism places temple and story of temple and story of Mahabharata and Ramayan Bhagavata Gita Indian politics news history of India India song how to do wear dress Odisha people and dressing language traditional culture we display lifestyle and health problems .

we are information about travell to tourist place booking bus tickets and about sri jaganatha temple activites inside the temple and get jaganatha story how many prasad (abhada) make for lord jaganatha balavadra subhadra sudarsan and food of odisha odisha dance you will imformation about entrace result and syllabus post image , video , newsvideo weather report and about odisha how to do marrige odisha people different culture in odisha 13 festival of lord jaganatha abou chilika lake .

Odishadesire.com all are realeted events odisha and india display odishadesire.com.